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We offer factory scheduled maintenance services to prolong the life and safety of your vehicle.

Balance, stability and smoothness – they’re what ensure a comfortable ride for you and your passengers, and your car’s steering and suspension are what make this possible. Steering and suspension are responsible for keeping your wheels firmly intact with the ground, and a major player in keeping your car from veering to one side or the road.

Some common brake problems include:

  • Grinding, Squeaking or squealing brakes

  • Brake pedal feels spongy

  • Shaking steering wheel

  • Car wobbling or pulsating when you drive at highway speeds

If your car is experiencing any of the above, bring your car in for a brake inspection.

The purpose of the charging system is to maintain the charge in the vehicle's battery, and to provide the main source of electrical energy while the engine is running.

Call us to schedule a charging system check.

Oil and filters need to be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Get your next oil change at Redline Automotive. 

A diagnostic service should be performed when you are experiencing drive ability issues, reduced fuel economy, have a check engine or service engine soon light illuminated/or flashing.

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