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About Us

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Redline Automotive is a new company that just recently opened its doors at the end of  November 2017.

The owner has been an automotive technician since he graduated from a technical school in the spring of 2010.  Since then he has worked in various positions in the industry, rising up through the ranks to a general manager at a local business.  He has had the dream of owning his own shop for quite some time and being able to change how the community perceives automotive repair shops.

With Redline Automotive we are trying to change the mindset of the way people take care of their vehicles. Try to prevent the "Oh No! my car is starting to make noises" thinking. We believe in trying to find and fix the problems before they get out of hand. 

At Redline Automotive we will be offering a number of services that will help to prevent future problems. Like scheduling future manufacturer specific maintenance's depending on the mileage. Performing a 22 point inspection for every vehicle that comes into the shop for any concern, and scheduling a text message or email to be sent out with reminders for any upcoming services.

This way you, as a vehicle owner, there is less to worry about thinking about what might happen soon, and more time to think about your family, loved ones, and all the fun you could be having doing other things. 


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